At Fuorisalone Fusina mixes art and design for Slowear

The fitting made by Fusina powerfully displays Murano art glass inside the Slowear boutique in Milan, using a particular displayer to present the exclusive collection made by Carlo Moretti at Fuorisalone 2016.

Where art and design meet, there is where Fusina is. We could not miss the annual date with the Milan Designweek: from April 12th to April 17th 400.000 visitors from Italy and abroad gathered in Milan to attend more than 1000 different events.

For the Salone del Mobile and the Fuorisalone events Fusina created a special fitting, taking to Milan, in these days world capital of design, the excellent artisanal work made in Venice.
We did our best to conjugate the textile design of the clothing brand Slowear and the precious artisanal Murano glasses by Carlo Moretti. From April 11th to April 21st The Slowear boutique in Solferino street downtown Milan displayed the exclusive collection of glasses made of Murano Bora crystal by Carlo Moretti. They were displayed in a big lightbox designed and created by Fusina.

The structure, made of wood, metal and backlit plexiglas, houses the 54 unique pieces, all signed by the author, which can be seen from both sides: the one facing the inner part of the shop looks like a pigeonhole, and the part facing the shop window reproduces the three-dimensional shape of a glass made by all the pieces placed on saucers creating a hemispherical composition.
The finely decorated glasses thus give the impression of three-dimensionality, fluctuating inside the bright surface which enhances their vivid colours.

In the days when Milan becomes a unique, huge exposition of the best design created worldwide, the fitting made by Fusina turns the Slowear boutique in Solferino street into a window for masterly artisanal work.

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