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Multidisciplinary company is the adjective that best identifies the creative and dynamic soul of FusinaLab. A reality that presents itself to the market with a diversified portfolio of projects ranging from retail to visual merchandising and characterized by innovation and experimentation. Authenticity and exclusivity characterize the modus operandi, through constant support aimed at maximum customer satisfaction through a deep know-how, finalized with passion and dedication since 1970 initially as a company specialized in the processing of plexiglas, today as a global partner capable of offering integrated services and tailor-made solutions, from engineering to prototyping, from execution to installation. All processes are strongly characterized by a perfect combination of maximum added value in terms of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.




May 03 2023 | MadeinFusina

The FusinaLab Bestiary

Small scenes and wunderkammer recreate a compendium of animals in colored plexiglass in the FusinaLab laboratory.

January 27 2022 | MadeinFusina

Contemporary Psychedely for retail

Daily explorations, material exercises as solicitations for the definition of unique objects of its kind. Interpretations that go beyond the schemes and that want to transfer alterations, sensory...

January 20 2022 | FusinaLab

"The imperfect" that breaks the rules.

Measuring ourselves with what is commonly considered beauty, and through the need to create objects governed by canons whose perfection is sovereign, we more frequently come across works and...

December 06 2021 | FusinaLab

The Bridge of the Alpini in Bassano del Grappa

The Bridge of the Alpini in Bassano del Grappa represents the symbol of our territory. Built in 1569 to a design by Andrea Palladio and renovated several times, it faithfully embodies genius,...