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Multidisciplinary company is the adjective that best identifies the creative and dynamic soul of FusinaLab. A reality that presents itself to the market with a diversified portfolio of projects ranging from retail to visual merchandising and characterized by innovation and experimentation. Authenticity and exclusivity characterize the modus operandi, through constant support aimed at maximum customer satisfaction through a deep know-how, finalized with passion and dedication since 1970 initially as a company specialized in the processing of plexiglas, today as a global partner capable of offering integrated services and tailor-made solutions, from engineering to prototyping, from execution to installation. All processes are strongly characterized by a perfect combination of maximum added value in terms of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.




October 20 2020 | MadeinFusina

Registration Certificate for FusinaLab

In the process of developing and building the brand value, we inform you that the FusinaLab brand has been registered with EUIPO. FusinaLab is now registered...

April 16 2018 | MadeinFusina

The history of Plexiglas, from shiny glass to design object

When a material born by chance becomes a fundamental object of design Nowadays, Plexiglas is one of the most widespread and versatile material in circulation, used in industry, in the commercial...

May 23 2017 | MadeinFusina

Plexiglas: 5 good reasons to use it in displays and fittings

If plexiglas displays and fittings often amazes people, it is thanks to the particular characteristics of such material, but also thanks to the creativity and the skills of those who work with...

May 02 2017 | MadeinFusina

Experience and experimentation: FusinaLab at Fuorisalone 2017

Every year the Milan Design Week is an event that brings new and stimulating challenges for FusinaLab. In that week, because of the Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone, the city becomes one large...