Murakami & Abloh: future history at the Gagosian Gallery in London

Artists Virgil Abloh and Takashi Murakami met each other during the London Fashion Week 2018 and, from their ideas, the exposition Future History was born. The installation was shown from the 21th of February to the 7th of April at the Gagosian Gallery in London.

Among the pieces in the exhibition, visitors can find a metallic flower sculpture with the famours Kaikai Kiki characters from Murakami in the upper part, while in the lower part two crossed arrows are crafted by Virgil Abloh. Hanging on the wall, a set of paintings embellished with an O in yellow spray paint, symbol of the brand Off-White ™ brand and some sculptures of black flowers. In the very center of the exhibition, you can find a glass house completely covered with black paint and the word LIFE ITSELF painted in white on a wall.

PH Akiharu Ichikawa