Experimental Perfume Club: the Layering kit

A kit of three fragrances, to be worn individually or to be superimposed to give life to a unique creation signed by Experimental Perfume Club, the new London mecca for perfume lovers.

Madame Moeglin has launched the first collection by Experimental Perfume Club called Layers: three perfumes, like the three classes that make up the olfactory pyramid: head, heart and base, to be worn individually or combined together to give life to a new fragrance, to which soon more collections will be added which will increase the possibilities of combinations to create a truly unique perfume.

FusinaLab has created the display following very precise indications requested by EPC: eco-sustainability, display flexibility, practicality, modularity. We achieved this by using techniques and materials that fully respected the ojectives.

window display allestimento visual merchandising display