Mojito Bio, the sustainable urban shoe

Achieving goals related to sustainability will allow mankind to continue living on this planet. A statement so unusual and equally shocking that we can build a hypothetical story board to promote to the celluloid industry ... "But it's all absolutely true!". We are involved, no one excluded and there are no hierarchies. Attention and responsibility are required at any social and industrial level. Therefore, new and fascinating paths will have to be undertaken which, first of all, will have to face contemporary social challenges and dissonant lifestyles. The latter awareness, which manifests itself in the coveted product strategies of the SCARPA company with the aim of encouraging, in addition to sales, critical consumption. It can be felt in the launch of the new Mojito Bio, 100% biodegradable. FusinaLab is therefore proud to have contributed to the positioning and launch of this brand new collection, designing and creating institutional showcases on behalf of SCARPA using only recyclable and natural products. The success of the project, perfectly coordinated with the philosophy, was also declined in a counter display to allow all retailers to offer customers a purchase proposal based on environmental and social criteria.

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