The planning of an event and the creation of an exhibition space require technical skills and organization. FusinaLab have been accompanying customers step by step for over 50 years with a complete and customized program that starts with the executive management of the project and ends with the post-event activities. Strategic programming, design and planning, in-house production, set-up and assistance for the entire duration of the event are some of the resources we make available to our customers. With the same care and experience, the work is also dealt with for the realization of displays and all those tools aimed at creating brand value. An all-round path in the universe of Visual Merchandising and Retail Marketing with the sole aim of highlighting the contents of a brand and a product line.

1. Design

Each project is designed and developed to match the client's wishes, to reflect their personality, to combine creativity and functionality to make each space unique. Technical skills, sensitivity in the interpretation and respect for the budget, guide our research and the choice of materials, finishes and lighting. Because every space, private or commercial, corresponds to who lives it or who works there. Market knowledge helps us select and offer the best specialist suppliers. We offer a prototyping service that completes the process, thanks to CAD and Visual 3D systems and we are also able to facilitate the verification of what will be achieved without ever abandoning our desire to vibrate the strings of emotion.

What do we design?
- Art installations
- Shop windows
- Retail
- Commercial spaces
- Interior Design
- POP Display

2. Production

In addition to design and consultancy, FusinaLab also deals with the implementation of "Tout court" projects that cover the entire span of work, from design to execution, up to installation. The strong point that identifies the production phase is the particular attention to a highly skilled craftsmanship. The materials (ex: wood, laminated panels, glass, aluminum structures, plexiglass, canvas, etc.) are carefully chosen, so as to respect the quality standards imposed by the customer. All the materials used are checked and certified so as to ensure our customers the realization of a product that is not only efficient, but that respects the safety regulations in force with particular attention to taking responsibility in the context of sustainable development.
Your projects take shape in the various production departments:
-Laboratory of carpentry through machinery and advanced technologies
-Painting system with water-based cabin
-Plant division to create a safe electrical system in compliance with the law, guaranteed and enhancing the exhibition area

3. Set-up

Specialized teams made up of highly skilled and motivated personnel guarantee the quality of the finishes and compliance with the safety regulations in force, providing a service in line with the customer's expectations with a control and monitoring of the structures during the entire exposure period.
We are able to offer this service also internationally through partnerships defined in every area of the continent.

4. Logistics

In order to achieve the objectives set, our logistics office organizes every single phase and coordinates the teams sent on site for assembly and disassembly.
The availability of a substantial fleet of vehicles, in addition to collaboration with the most reliable carriers, guarantee transport and assistance throughout Europe.