Historical references

FusinaLab led by the second generation of the founding family, has developed technical skills and a deep know-how on different materials, maintaining a solid experience in the plexiglass artefact and specializing in the field of retail, artistic installations, events, fairs and displays. FusinaLab manages each project in full compliance with the local artisan tradition, seeking the maximum drive towards innovation, research and constant experimentation with new materials, products and processes to create authentic sensorial experiences.

Carlo Bonato

Carlo Bonato (Marostica 1930 - Nove 2016) is professionally trained in some mechanical turning workshops in Marostica. In 1970 with his wife Maddalena Comacchio, he set up the Fusina laboratory with an initial production of metal and plastic objects. The fundamental collaboration with Alessio Tasca as a designer for the first years of the company's life and the discovery of plexiglas, gives the laboratory its own identity. The innovation due to the use of polymethylmethacrylate, a material almost unknown at the time leads the company to stand out in a few years in the international market. Numerous awards and prizes, including the gold medal at the Milan Triennale in 1973, have accompanied his work throughout his life.